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Nu Metal bands

A look at the worst kind of metal music through the lens of social good and personal conviction.

They don't mean itThey mean itNot force for goodForce for goodSystem of a DownBloodhound GangKid RockInsane Clown PosseCrazy TownLimp BizkitLinkin ParkPapa RoachAndrew WKAlien Ant FarmKorn
bandForce for goodThey mean it
System of a Down 21 92
Bloodhound Gang -72 98
Kid Rock -96 95
Insane Clown Posse -83 76
Crazy Town -39 47
Limp Bizkit -96 4
Linkin Park 0 0
Papa Roach 0 -18
Andrew WK 41 -72
Alien Ant Farm 0 -94
Korn 11 49

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